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Our project is focused on creating a new direction in the waste recycling industry, based on the latest developments in the field of thermal synthesis, implemented by our project team. We hope that together with you we will be able to fully realize our potential and bring investors a profit of at least 10 times over the next few years.

ARRT token is a token of a joint Belarusian-Slovakian-Hungarian project for the participation of any investor in the Advanced Waste Recycling Project, which will revolutionize the way recyclable materials are processed and will provide end consumers with reliable and sustainable ready-made solutions for creating a cleaner environment, while not only recycling waste, but also by producing material and energy resources from them.

By purchasing ARRT Token, investors have the opportunity to buy and sell after listing on cryptocurrency exchanges and ICO/IEO owned by ARRT token holders, as well as receive additional passive income in tokens staked on the site.

By purchasing an ARRT token, the holder receives the opportunity for stable passive income from staking and growth in the value of the token on cryptocurrency exchanges (both centralized and decentralized). After purchasing an ARRT token, investors have the opportunity to purchase and sell, after listing on cryptocurrency exchanges and ICO/IEO owned by ARRT token holders, as well as receiving additional passive income in tokens staked on the site and receiving a portion of the finished net profit of the project.

Each ARRT token holder has the right, after withdrawing the token to cryptocurrency exchanges, to freely sell and buy the Advanced Waste Recycling project token, transfer it to staking in his personal account (after announcing its start), receiving monthly passive income in ARRT tokens, and also has the right to possibly receive a portion of the net profit of the project.

All media publications about the ARRT Token can be found on the our project official site ( Also, you can read more about the project in our blog on the Medium portal, on Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and LinkedIn.

NONE OF THE ARRT (Advanced Waste Recycling Project EMPLOYEES HAVE THE RIGHT to contact you on their own behalf or on behalf of the project in any instant messengers, social networks (such as Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit , Media, VK or YouTube, as well as via Viber, Skype or WhatsApp) or by e-mail with requests for assistance, financial assistance, as well as offers to buy/sell/exchange ARRT Token privately or on any exchange or in any cryptocurrency exchange.
If you have received a similar offer regarding ARRT Token, you should know that this is most likely a scam.
Please report such cases to our mail or write in the Telegram channel or through Support Form at our site.


Advanced Waste Recycling (ARRT Token) Project, mutually developed and implemented by ThermoDeg™, Slovakia and Astol Advanced Limited, Hong Kong, exists ONLY on the site The existence of projects that are identical or literally similar in name has nothing to do with our initiatives.

The ARRT Token was created and exists only at Erc20: 0xb7439a3df5c912fd95c87eeeb03d14889d58e1f6 and Bsc20 0xFe40D90D982a6749A55951dbA924a8F995f4ba9E blockchains.

We HAVE NOT REGISTERED ARRT Token in any other networks (for example, Solana), and existing projects that are identical tokens names HAVE NO RELATIONSHIP TO OUR PROJECT and are scam.


Registering your own account on the site will give you the opportunity to buy ARRT Token at any time, view the list of your purchases, balance, accruals for purchases, accruals for referral and other programs and initiatives of our project.


The ARRT token (Advanced Waste Recycling Project) is currently NOT TRADABLE and is NOT PLACED ON ANY EXCHANGE until we have carried out the ICO/IEO exchange procedure. None of the centralized or decentralized. We did not list ARRT (Advanced Waste Recycling Project) ANYWHERE.

As a result, the ARRT token can currently be purchased ONLY on the project website and nowhere else. If you are suddenly offered to buy/sell or exchange ARRT Token privately, through any exchange or crypto exchanger, this is a scam.


KYC literally stands for Know Your Customer. This procedure includes certain rules for checking customers, which are used by banks, exchanges and other companies that work with private money.

  1. Client identification (who conducts the operation?)
  2. Legality (on what grounds is the operation carried out?)
  3. The essence of the operation and its risks

KYC is completed only when the organization you are contacting receives answers to these three questions. In order to finish this process, the client must provide a package of documents with information about himself.

First of all, KYC is aimed at protecting financial institutions from illegal and fraudulent use of the services they provide. In particular, this applies to money laundering and terrorist financing.

ARRT Token holders must go through KYC in order to protect their addresses and transactions from illegal and fraudulent activities. Also KYC passing gives an opportunity to buy ARRT Token in a personal account.


A token is a crypto asset issued in full compliance with the jurisdiction of Hong Kong. The rules for using crypto assets may differ depending on the country. Before purchasing ARRT Token, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the crypto asset legislation in your country.

Rewards from operations with crypto assets differs depending on the country you live in. Before purchasing a ARRT Token, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the tax laws of your country.


Certainly. Our plans include the transfer of the ARRT token from not yet traded to the category of tokens traded on crypto exchanges with the corresponding inclusion in the catalogs of exchange quotes of cryptocurrencies. Of course, we do not aim at listing on Binance right away. But we will conduct IEO/ICO on exchanges from the list of the top 50 and according to CoinMarketCap and CoinGeko.