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Cookie policy

Cookies are files placed on your computer by certain websites that you visit or emails that you open. Using the website, you consent to our use of cookies to collect and use your personal data in order to collect data about the use of the website, as well as to provide you with a personalized and more convenient online interaction.

The personal data we collect may include information about how you use our website, your choice of Internet browser, the type of device from which you access our website, and where you are in the world. If any information we collect through cookies qualifies as personal data, our Privacy Policy applies to the collection and use of such personal data.


We collect and use cookies on our website for the following purposes:

Cookies allow our website to function most efficiently, including, but not limited to:
• Balancing website traffic to ensure that all our users can enjoy consistent and reliable access;
• Limiting traffic to key sections of our website to maintain stable performance;
• Maintaining our users’ consent to our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

Ease of use
• Cookies make it easier for you to navigate our website;
• Help to remember the preferences of your language and country.

We use cookies to collect statistics about how you move and make transactions on our website, including, but not limited to:
• Collecting feedback on your satisfaction through surveys;
• Getting information about how you navigate and make transactions on our website
so that improvements can be made.

Cookies allow us to provide you with relevant marketing messages, including, but not limited to:
• Allowing our website to serve different versions of the page for marketing purposes;
• Allowing us and/or third parties to display relevant messages and/or advertisements that offer a selection of products based on your browsing behavior on our website and some other websites.

We also use web analytics services such as Google Analytics. Google may use the collected data to contextualize and personalize ads on its own network.

Online behavioral advertising

Online behavioral advertising is also known as interest-based advertising. It’s a way of serving advertisements that are more relevant to your interests on websites visited by you. Shared interests grouped together based on your previous web browsing activity. This allows us to display advertising that is relevant and useful to you. Advertising can also be delivered to you based on the website content you’ve just been viewing. This called retargeting. When you visit our website and navigate to other websites, we may leverage the cookies we have in place and our partnerships with online advertisers and social media networks in order to serve you with targeted advertising and/or to limit the number of times you see a particular advertisement. We collect the following information about you for such purposes: IP address or other unique identifiers, mobile carrier, time zone setting, operating system and platform. You may opt out of the use of cookies if you don’t want to be retargeted or your advertising to be tailored. Opting out, however, does not mean that you will no longer receive online advertising. It does mean that the company or companies from which you opted out will no longer serve you advertising that’s tailored to your web preferences and usage patterns. You may instead see more advertising that isn’t as relevant to your preferences.

Our partnership with advertising networks

We only share your data with advertising networks in the strictest confidence for the unique purpose of serving more relevant advertising. We have established standards to ensure that you’ll only be served appropriate advertising. You may opt out of such advertising from the advertising networks at any time by visiting their websites or be referring to the section titled “Managing cookie preferences”.

Managing cookie preferences

You may refuse to accept cookies by changing the settings of your Internet browser. If you do not want cookies to be placed on your device, you can control this through your browser’s settings.
If you choose not to allow the use of cookies on our website, some areas of our website may not function properly or be accessible. Please note that if you delete your cookies, we won’t be able to know that you’ve opted out of behavioral advertising on our web- site; recognize that you’ve agreed to our Terms of Use Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy; or remember your language and country preferences. This means that banners from our third-party websites will appear. You’ll need to accept the use of cookies and provide other cookie-related information again.

Clickstream data

A clickstream records which parts of a website you click on when you use it. We may collect clickstream data when you use our website and track referrals from other websites to improve your online experience with us. This data will not be stored as part of your customer record, and will only be used to statistical analyses.